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His wife was dead.


The cerebral hemorrhage which finally claimed her after a terrible car accident had left him alone and feeling much older than his years. He’d married young and half his life had been spent as a provider, a faithful husband and the father of two grown children. He felt he was far closer now at forty-four to his end, than to his beginning. He’d stopped living. His lawn untended, food of no importance, business in the dumps…only his dog, his constant companion, claimed his attention.

A walk in the park, his first in a month, finally got him out of his house. Kody, his bright white furry beast, always on display, always the most magnificent creature in the park, drew her to him. She did not see the pain or the suffering, the self-doubt and the resignation to a future alone. All she could see was the devilishly handsome guy…kind, gentle, cultured and intelligent. A man in need and yet a man who could give so much to those around him. It may have been his chick-magnet dog that brought her to him, but now it would be up to her to gain his attention and admiration before wrapping herself around him and never letting go.

He too, was stricken. How beautiful in face and figure she was…how kind and attentive. But while grateful to be brought back amongst the living, to feel masculine and drawn to her mystery, she was no more than a teen and a casual encounter in the park would be the limit of their meeting. 

Trouble was, although an ingénue and half his age, there was no way in the world she would permit this man to get away. There was but one man like this and she, with all her determination and charm, would never permit another to have him, for from the first moment her eyes had caught his…he would not be able to turn away and would be hers and no one else’s.

The Resurrection of Griffin Ballard is Rebeca Branch’s first foray into the relationship between an older man and younger woman. A story of introspection and evaluation…of commitment and redemption, and of a burgeoning love which transcends age and experience to deliver these two people into a world of fulfillment and happiness.

Unlike her previous books, The Resurrection of Griffin Ballard is a quick read and does not delve into the art and history so familiar in her other work. This is a tale of family, self, and attraction, of need, desire and commitment.


Come along for the journey from Montclair, New Jersey to the red light district in Amsterdam to the ancient streets of Rome.


This is the second of this author’s books I have read and I love her long, descriptive passages and, in this book, the sheer j’oie de vivre of her leading female character, Bethany. Her energy and spirit captures you and leaves you breathless and partly in love with her yourself.

Rachel de Vine

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