My name is Rebecca Branch and I am the mother of two young women. I live near New York City and am an architect by trade but an art historian by education. My father was an American archaeologist and my mother an Italian Lady. I grew up in Rome and New York, attending UC Berkeley for undergraduate work and Columbia for my Ph.D. I worked as an assistant to the curator of Greco Roman arts at the Metropolitan Museum in my youth before leaving in order to earn a livable wage. I entered the design community and was the interior designer for Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Revlon, Chanel, Danskin and J. Crew. I also modeled through my college years and into my early thirties.

I started writing romance novels on a dare two years ago while in-between jobs. My first novel was Summer of 71, a story of romance and discovery set in Rome, a city with which I am very familiar and a place where I lecture on Roman history, architecture and Italian culture bi-annually. My second book is Great Caesar’s Ghost which continues the story with my hero Maximillian DuPont and is a time travel romance skirting time periods from the first century BC through the modern day and even into the future. My third work is A Roman Holiday and continues the series. My most recent work is The Resurrection of Griffin Ballard. It is my shortest work and is a contemporary romance between an older man and a younger woman. I also write short stories and a collection of these will be released shortly. They are about motherhood, romance and office affairs and escapades. 

Although sometimes placed in the erotic category, my work is far more about self-awareness, relationship building, coming of age, loss of innocence, personal development, reclamation, the culture of Italy, art and architectural history, an examination of the passage of time, food, and humor. I write as an adult to an adult audience and do not hide physical relationships behind closed doors. But what I write is loving and respectful of both genders, light and upbeat, fulfilling and satisfying. No one gets hurt, no one degraded. You should walk away from each of my books with a smile and an increased knowledge of the western world, Rome’s influence, politics, the social revolution, religion, and the inimitable wonder of a loving relationship between a good man and woman.

I live in an 1879 Victorian farmhouse in Montclair, New Jersey and commute into Manhattan daily. I work in the design field and also lecture to the architectural community on Roman architecture. I have two daughters in their early twenties.


Here are some pics of me when I was younger and modeling... a small blip in my life, but one that brought me to Italy and exotic places at a young age. The other pics are of models who look like me. Of particular note is Sonia Aquino, an Italian actress whom Ive been mistaken for on several occasions; gladly, I might add, as I think shes lovely.

I try to retain a level of anonymity to protect my career in architecture and my family, so forgive me for not posting anything that might give me away. These, however, are close enough. I have also included a cover of the New Yorker magazine which looks surprisingly like me and a picture at the Belmont Stakes wearing a hat. The magazine cover might as well have been me!