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The Girl Who Fell Off The Turnip Truck_1


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Everything had gone wrong. I had nothing to hold on to. My daughters had moved out and begun their own adult lives. My husband and I had called it quits after twenty years. My career was faltering, and my house was in foreclosure. I had no one at home with me, save my dog. Then she came into my life and everything changed. She was famous, she was rich, she was half my age, and she adored me. I was her teacher and she, my student. But she had the power to persevere and resurrect my life. She brought me the best friendship I ever had. This is our story.


One would be amiss if they did not take the time to read this book! It is such a wonderfully easy read. It has humor, love, heart ache, and most of all it has heart. It is a short memoir of a fantastic woman who has lived and experienced things in her short lifetime that makes most of us quite envious! She takes us along in her story as she is at rock bottom, to where she is at today.....In absolute love and back at the top of her game. The places, experiences, and people she introduces you to along the way are beyond fascinating. You get to walk through her story in her shoes, and you find that you never want to take them off. You become so immersed in the life of Becca (as Molly Tells it) that by the end of the book you will notice that you have become overflowing with feel for Becca as if your very own heart were to erupt with sorrow, love, and such uncontrollable joy that you can not believe the story has come to an end. I for one can not wait to see where Molly and Jess take us next. Love the book. Love the Author. So will you if you just take the time and give her the chance!


Sean Hurdle

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