Book Four In The Timeless Superhero Series



Jessica Rossi is a celebrity swimsuit model walking the Paris and Milan runways for the first time. She is a modern-day princess, controlled by her agency, told how to act, who to date, what to think. She cannot take it anymore and escapes to Rome to blend into the landscape and enjoy a period of freedom and normalcy.

Falling in with a tour group led by a professor of art history from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Jess finds far more than she was looking for and her life's trajectory spins in a new direction.

This is a story of adventure, enlightenment, coming of age, romance, and fulfillment. It is set against the backdrop of contemporary Rome and is filled with adventure, danger, self-discovery, history, cuisine, and humor.

From the authors of the Girl Who Fell Off the Turnip Truck series, it's a universal tale of finding yourself and claiming your life's companion.



Have you ever watched a film, and thought you could write a different version? This is what these two authors have done with A Modern Roman Holiday. It is unusual in that the story adopts the fictitious story of the film, but winds it around two very real women and their relationship. Having read other books by these two authors, I knew I was in for a treat. Rebecca Branch, the more experienced author, has a deft touch in this story about two of the loves in her life, Rome and Ms Rossi. Her love and affection for both comes over so well in this re-make of an old classic. Jessica Rossi adds her youthful gaiety and jois de vivre to the story, to provide an entertaining tale that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The story held my interest throughout, with great characters, romance, some background history of the great city of Rome, and a little bit of a thrill from the few “baddies” in the story. Well worth reading.