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Out Of Time's Abyss

Book Four In The Timeless Superhero Series

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A trip to Florence at the height of the Renaissance has caused a rift in time. The travelers return to New York and find books missing chapters, familiar people displaced, or unborn, technological advances gone. Their visit to the Medici court has changed something and only one man can help them resolve the problem, Leonardo da Vinci.

This is the fourth book in the Time Keepers Series. It can be read independently of the others. Come join the team as they experience Florence and the court of Lorenzo the Magnificent and watch Leonardo come to grips with the modern world and empowered women.
This book is always romantic and often sensual, examines the world of the past, the art, architecture, and culture of the Italian Renaissance in 1488 and life in New York in 1980.



An amazing journey with a stellar cast of characters. Old became new, and new became the order of the day. I have long been an admirer of Leonardo da Vinci and to see him brought to life in this way was brilliant story telling. The backstories for the characters - those who are constant, those who are new and those who have returned - all connect to the past, the present and the future. I appreciate the dedication Rebecca Branch has to history and how she accurately depicts what has already happened - warts and all, no matter how distasteful we might find the subjects - and then she uses Ambrosia and the others to show how much has changed for the better in our future and also how much there is still to learn. Gutted, truly gutted to have to wait for the next instalment - the teaser chapter at the end of Out of Time’s Abyss has me waiting with bated breath.

Mrs. Cheryl Shearer