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Rebecca Branch has written nine books with two new ones in the works. But she is so much more. Architect, historian, art historian, artist, musician, mother, and world traveler, Becca brings a world of experience to her writing which is both genre-busting and called slipstream as she covers so much in her rich and engrossing novels. Yes, they are love stories, each. But they are filled with humor, cultural observations, relationship building, self-awareness, and personal development. Join her for a tour of Italy, the cities of Rome, London, Paris, New York, and the ancient world as she weaves her way through the human experience.

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"What an exciting & beautifully written, comprehensive piece of work that treats you to a wonderfully, colorful escape from your own! "



"REBECCA BRANCH brings a breath of fresh air to the genre of erotic-romance with her well-researched novel. Written with care and meticulous attention to detail, she takes the reader on a wonderful  journey of enlightenment, showing us the diverse cultural beauty of Italy. Meanwhile, her life-affirming tale of kindred spirits, sexual awakening and the bond formed between two souls makes for a wonderful read."

-Emmanuelle de Maupassant


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